Debut Album by Bolabit Channels Stranger Things, Tron, the 80s

Iowa City label Field Hymns will release the synth/drum debut on cassette and digital.

Michigan natives Laverty & Barabe take a detour from their pop roots to form Bolabit, a dense wall of analog synthesizer and flourishing drums. Their debut album is set for an August 2017 release on cassette and digital format by Iowa City label Field Hymns.

Bolabit’s keen awareness of conventional instrumentation with an ornate electronic flourish pair maudlin themes, poignant and melodic, with dynamic drumming, transporting the listener to an ethereal post-apocalyptic saloon.

With a resurgence of synth scores for TV and film, Bolabit’s debut outing offers a more nuanced experience, not tethered to the past, but a reincarnate. The group plans to begin recording their sophomore album in Fall 2017.

Two singles are available for preview on the group’s soundcloud profile:

To request a copy of album for review, please contact the band at


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