New Ground

Work has begun on the next album, which will fall roughly into the same sonic realm as the first, but with a couple (maybe three) added instruments. The the secondi is often a neat dish with a dimension not present in the primi, usually a pasta.

The frequent comparison of our music to the Stranger Things soundtrack is flattering but completely unnecessary as there is room enough in the universe for multiple thematic incarnations of melancholy analog sculpture. It’s often true that such comparisons are indicative of a lack of imagination on behalf of the comparer. A listener, like a composer is tasked with creating aesthetic space in one’s head large enough for similarities to resolve upon sufficient reflection. People who compare something to everything aren’t listening hard enough, or have succumb to subjectivity and can’t find another way out. Of course, it’s not always that easy, but sometimes it is.

The second album will sound like it sounds. There will be a world of individuals looking to compare it to something. Our only hope is that during their attempt to compare, they can suspend their attempts to grab at familiarity long enough to enjoy a song or two. After all, that’s what it’s for.

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