On the First Album

I say ‘first’ because it’s likely more will follow. There’s a lot of harmonies floating around. Lots of dark space and lots of gray space. A majority of what’s written is unwritten, composed sanely via trial and error. In other terms, I soak in radiant energy, play through on analog synthesizers, and forward the product to Jesse, who then parses out the pieces and drums along, in many cases re-shaping and re-visualizing the original thought.

Think of it as a fancy, fine-dining dish that features truffles. I make the truffle, but Jesse has to dig it out, make oil out of it, and we both have to plate a dish that’s worth eating.

The main theme: C. E minor. A minor. C. It’s a pallette that’s stuck with me over the past 17 years, or so. Kicking things off with Lamplighter in 2001 with the F-G-Am-G7/Bmb5 theme was an omen. I accidentally burned my apartment down, wrote some music about it, and moved in with Jesse in a basement apartment on 4th street. Those notes are here, still. The Lamplighter theme won’t die out.

Who were we then?


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