New Ground

The second album will sound like it sounds. There will be a world of individuals looking to compare it to something. Our only hope is that during their attempt to compare, they can suspend their attempts to grab at familiarity long enough to enjoy a song or two. After all, that’s what it’s for.


The tunes are like soggy cigars floating in a grand canal. The tune is the red, setting sun on a silty riverbank. The tune is a pair of leather boots being broken in. The tune is the moment of impact, the lip of the wound, the healing wound, the scab. The tune is the woman’s […]

Prose on the Debut Album

Kind tumblr user Burl Veneer said : “Live drum and analog synth duo Bolabit mine a snow globe of nostalgia and regret, a pastel-hued Michael Mann flick from the middle part of his canon, maybe a movie about drug smuggling on some west coast port or something of the sort…”   Read the rest HERE.